Thursday, 28 May 2015

First Time As A Waterloo Tour Guide

No not an official, certified one of course. But I took half of a group of historians from the Ministry of the Defence for a long morning around the battlefield. Since they were mostly familiar with contemporary military affairs I could contrast Napoleonic warfare with their knowledge.

The corn was more than knee high 

We did four stops: first at La Belle Alliance, then at the Sandpit to view the attack by French 1st corps and the counterattack, then onto Hougoumont from where we walked to the Butte de Lion. Here we had a peek at the new visitors' centre and finished of with the attack of the Imperial Guard.

My cheat sheet, which I didn't use
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Just blabbing on for ages about the battle and they were asking for more! They group was really kind and attentive. And I was driven there and fed to do it. Does that sound like a good deal or not? I guess there are boons to writing a book.

Makes me look forward to the book presentation in less than two weeks even more!