Saturday, 1 June 2019

Gaming goals - May update

Another busy month working. My 8 months at the institute of military history is now finished. Not sure that means back to normal service but it will mean some more gaming time. But in May, it was still very little.


Again nothing. At all.


There was one game of  CIA vs KGB, so that's hopeful. Fun game that probably will see a revisit.

And an evening of What a Tanker with the guys. Mich brought the King Tiger I made for his birthday. We had two T34s taking him on but it was no contest really. Heavier stuff will be needed to take that one out.

There was also a game of Machi Koro with a birthday boy, so that was cool.




Nothing done, but I'm being drawn into a new one. Oh dear.

But it's not all gloom: on another goal I've reached the half way mark in my attempt to cycle over 3,000 kms, so that's ahead of schedule.