Monday, 30 December 2013

Secret Satan is going soft

I've been a lucky guy over the last couple of years, with some good stuff coming in for Secret Satan, although last year's inclusion of Modern Art hurt pretty bad.

So this year I was worried that Satan might come to collect.

As this seemed to have passed the Saudi customs check, I deemed it safe to open in the presence of children, but still I proceeded carefully.

Satan message was a further indication that he had in fact no bad intentions at all, and so it was revealed...

Six games which indeed put the trash back into Ameritrash! Two of them were picked up by the kids to try as soon as we have the time, ie the game with the piglets (I need to find the rules, but it is a fairly common game, so that should not be a problem) and collision. Bumping cars is always good!

I remember it was fun to play Red November, so that's a great choice too! Mag Blast, the Island of Dr Necraux and Scarab Lords should also be entertaining if not great games.

So thanks Satan!


  1. Here are the Makin' Bacon rules - enjoy!

    1. Thanks Edwin! Would have taken me some time to figure out the English name to the game

  2. May your pigs always roll a double leaning howler! Nice haul

    1. Thanks Dave! That's the kind of practical and concrete New Year's wish I like!


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