Friday, 28 March 2014

I actually did some modelling and painting

My appearance at Murphy's Heroes yesterday was a bit of a shocker. Not so much the fact that I was present, but the fact that I was carrying an assembled and painted 1:72 Airfix model of Panther tank.

This goes contrary to club myth that I don't ever paint any miniatures and as we all know you shouldn't let the facts come between a good story.

The tank is actually not for myself, but a proxy gift to my great chum Michiel, a tank hugger if there ever was one.

I had to assemble quickly to present the unpainted model at his birthday bash last Friday.

And this weekend I quickly snatched the opportunity to airbrush it. Yes, desert yellow is a cop out. But it's the thought that counts.

I even spray painted the tracks

Did some dark wash on the rear grids. And a highlight. Which makes it look presentable, doesn't it?

Oh yes! Almost forgot the decals...


  1. Jur you did thin the front armour of the model so you can claim frontal hits with bazook, Sherman and grenades if need be ?

    1. I won't be dealing with this one: it is gooing to the eastern front ;-)

    2. Which also means I need to repaint it. I forgot that Panthers never actually appeared in North Africa. They were too late for that. First (rushed) employment in July 1943, two months after the surrender in Tunisia. Hopefully the pattern in Italy was similar


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