Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Played a nice game of Scythe last Friday. Despite the nice mechs, this is a eurogame with a possible tendency towards multiplayer solo. I may not sound too enthusiastic but this certainly isn't a bad game. It's just not the kind of game that sets my blood boiling (in the right kind of way).

Yes, this is the heavy big box release that you might remember from Kickstarter. And you've got to hand it to these guys: top notch parts and artwork and apparently produced in reasonable time.

There is a kind of story in there about a fantasy post WWI Eastern Europe with mechs, but who cares about that anyway? Just tell me what multiple paths to victory there are!

Well, you can score each of your 6 victory points by building all your available mechs, building, population etc etc, or score full marks on the happiness or power tracks, or fulfil one of the special conditions on your cards.

And of course, you can score points by winning a mech-battle, but then again, only two. Apparently, combat isn't a strategy in itself. And that's about the only interaction there is.

So it becomes a race who get his 6 points first and the good sign is that that it was pretty close last Friday.

Good chance that this will hit the table again sometime soon, and strategies may become more interactive and aggressive.


  1. The game has quite a bit of potential for more interaction, the only problem seems to be that conflict is expensive for everyone. Being dragged into a prolonged exchange is killing for both parties and comming out of a combat weak will draw in the vultures.

    1. Well, I am open to new facts. Let's play it again


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