Saturday, 9 February 2019

PolderCon Encore

I did a PolderCon post earlier this week to get my most pressing thoughts out. But there was so much more to see with some 45 different events on 35 tables.

Small scale historical wargaming is underrepresented in my opinion. Not putting it on makes players feel it isn't an option and that there are no opponents out there.

I guess it's a reflection of supply by miniature producers/game designers, but it won't change if there's no demand. Although I enjoy the skirmish type games, the offer different challenges than games at divisional or corps level and I miss that myself. So that's something I'm thinking about bringing more into the spotlight for next year.

Blitzkrieg Commander
By Fire & Sword

Quite a lot of 28mm historical stuff

Chain of Command
I Ain't Been Shot Mum
Sharp Practice 2

There was a lot of fantasy gaming.

9th Age
Kings of War Vanguard
A Song of Ice and Fire

And a lot of sci fi/Post-apocalyptic

Fall Out

Walking Dead
Last Days
Looking over all these pictures as I go through them today I am so happy seeing so many of them including the hosts explaining the game to players. That is exactly what PolderCon is about!


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