Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Essen 2011 - Games that I played

Before I get to the games from Essen 2011 that I still need to play, let's look at the stuff I did play. Apart from the stuff that I bought, there's a number of games I played but didn't like or that one of my friends bought. I put some quick thoughts on Twitter, and it's probably best to stick to what my first impressions were then. I've ordered them from Wow! to Meh.

My kill pile! Cave Evil #Spiel11 #Essen on Twitpic
Cave Evil by Mat Brinkman, Jochen Hartman and Nate Haydn (Blast City Games)
A real blast! Necromancers slugging it out underground, cool monsters, nice combat system. Was the first wizard to get killed, but had a neat kill pile!

Arctic 2019, political-economic conflict over natural resourc... on Twitpic
2019: Arctic by Andrzej Kurek (Sinonis)
Political-economical conflict in the Arctic after global warming. Influence Russia, Norway, EU, US and Canada like in Imperial, but without the rondel. Sink a few ships and oil rigs. Incite strikes. Ameritrash in disguise. My hidden gem for Essen 2011. Should have lots more fans!

And other inspired naming of cities. Remembering the great...... on Twitpic
Risk Legacy by Rob Daviau and Chris Dupuis (Heidelberger)
awesome. Intro game played in under an hour. Got to name a continent. What more can you want?

Unsuccessfull in Iron Sky. Small dent in European defence. Ni... on Twitpic
Iron Sky by Juha Salmijärvi (Revision Games)
It doesn't get more Ameritrash than Nazi's on the Moon. Based on the upcoming movie. The game prototype has some nice mechanics, eg the combat cards, which are quick and clear. But right now it doesn't reward aggression, which is totally the opposite of what it should be. Slogging, bloody, destructive.... Nazi-like!

Yup. It's a bit of a fucked up world in Dominant Species... on Twitpic
Dominant Species by Chad Jensen (GMT)
A brutally competitive evolution game, which is cool. Nice mechanics, but takes way too long.

Flash Point, first move into burning building #spiel #Essen on Twitpic
Flash Point by Kevin Lanzing (Stronghold)
Nice coop game on firefighting. Some specialised tasks, some ideas on HazMats etc.

New species evolving in Evolution. Dinner game #spiel #Essen on Twitpic
Evolution: the Origin of Species by Dmitri Knorre and Sergey Machin (RightGames)
Nice card game. You try to give your species extra survival traits that might help reproduction, predatoring or survival.

A game of 7 wonders #spiel #essen on Twitpic
7 Wonders by Antoine Bauza (Asmodee)
A euro for a change and neat design although it doesn't get my blood flowing, despite me winning.

Rumble in the House, dinner game with great artwork. Flatline... on Twitpic
Rumble in the House by Ken Rush (Flatlined)
Fun filler with great cartoon artwork.

Druid takes on goblins. Lego Heroica #Spiel #Essen on Twitpic
Heroica by Nicolas Assenbrunner and Cephas Howard (Lego)
Lightest of light dungeon crawlers but probably good fun for 7 year olds. And forget about the rules in the box. Lego wants you to make your own. Use the convertible dice! As long as you have fun.

This game of Ventura looks a lot more balanced on Twitpic
Ventura by Alberto Menoncin and Silvio Negri-Clementi (Stratelibri)
Simple Italian renaissance game, but with room for conflict rather than impressing the king. Bit too abstract for me, though.

Test of Fire by Martin Wallace (Mayfair)
What a disappointing grind! Nuff said.

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