Thursday, 5 July 2012

Return to LV223 - Not that you'd want to

I got some interesting reactions to my Prometheus post on Fortress Ameritrash and I'd like to share some of that with you. Obviously I made some mistakes.

Here's the Engineer, trying to make sense of the movie

My reaction to the many inconsistencies in the movie has been done much better by ComicBookGirl at the basic level and about the ideas and mythos behind the movie.

A longer list of basic inconsistencies by Red Letter Media

This guy Cavalorn has tried to make sense of the mythos, tying it in to the Prometheus story. Quite probably a lot of this works, but I think he overestimates Scott's consistency and thus drives off into the ridiculous. Good try and interesting take, though.

The Film Crit Hulk makes short work of the pretentious script of the movie and shows the inconsistencies in the movie go beyond the ones I pointed out. There's even inconsistencies in the mythos behind it. Although this is way too long and the CAPS might piss you off, have a try at parts #2 and #3,

The planet in Prometheus is LV-223, which is not the same planet as LV-426 where the Nostromo lands. So no continuity problems there.

It seems logical that the black goo in the movie is the same in all instances but acquires different characteristics in different circumstances. But breaking down the DNA and then dissoving the Engineer is really something different than turning you into a violent monster. Can't get my head around that.

I now think that indeed the movie proposes some kind of Space Jesus theory. However, even if the Engineers decide to erase humanity for dismissing and killing Space Jesus, that does not explain how the Engineers got infected with something they were creating themselves. What could the humans have done to cause this outbreak?

And finally, this is just a teaser, cut parts from the opening scene?

So what does that leave me with?
1) Shaw is a droid. No human being could have gone through all that and fly off into deep space without as much as breather. And it is a bit of a give away that she's not able to breed...
2) to be revealed in the mequel (ie inbetween Prometheus and Alien) to make sense of it all


  1. Yeah, some of the links are good - they show me that I was just as baffled and disappointed as they were. Like one of the writers I toyed with the idea that the film was deliberately being nihilistic. There Are No Answers (or as Weyland says: "there's nothing". It's all just weird shit you'll never understand. But I suspect it was just badly written. If beautiful.

  2. Well, this is just a set up for the director's cut. Then we'll get the 'real' movie


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