Sunday, 9 December 2012

The benefits of Christmas shopping season

Was able to pick up two interesting books today, from the same Dutch publisher (Verloren). Pure coincidence.

First one in the Netherlands during its incorporation in the French Empire (1810-13), because it has stuff on the Dutch army of the period and the implementation of conscription. Published in 2012 & Ideal for my Waterloo interest.

Second is about the war of Arkel. It's a ten year struggle between the counts of Holland, the bishops of Utrecht and the dukes of Gelre over the lands of the lords of Arkel.

It was written in 1990 and one of the first in the Netherlands picking up on new trends in military history. So it has a lot of stuff on the economics and logistics as well.

It's not for any direct purpose, but I might use it sometime in the future.

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