Wednesday, 12 June 2013

All Shill For Quatre Bras book by Erwin Muilwijk

Also in the mail last week: Erwin Muilwijk's second volume in his history of the Dutch army during the Waterloo campaign: Perponcher's Gamble. This concerns the Battle at Quatre Bras, where a Dutch vanguard managed to hold out long enough for the rest of the Allied army to come up and hold the cross roads at the village.

The black & white and the colour version

Erwin's book fills some gaps that English (and other) writers have neglected to lack of Dutch language skills or the fact that Wellington was having a chat with Blücher somewhere else at the time. For them the battle only starts when Wellington returns.

The maps and illustrations add a lot to the story, because some episodes were confusing even to the participants. It helps to figure out what was going on and where. I heartily recommend the colour version to take full advantage of them, but for the cheapskates (and all others) there is a downloadable version of the maps.

The two extra contributions by Ab Küchler on the Quatre Bras painting by Pieneman and Marco Bijl on the Bois de Bossu also provide added value.

I did have a small role in getting this book to the printer, although I still think a native speaker would have done much better.

Next up is the book on the Battle of Waterloo itself, to be published in about a year from now. Must read for anyone that is interested in the Waterloo campaign or the Dutch army of the Napoleonic and restauration period


  1. Interesting, especially as we are now putting on that very battle in 13 months time as a practice for the big one


  2. Hi Ian,

    I hope it helps you getting into the spirit for the game! I've been following your preparations with interest. I especially liked your extensive comparison of Adler and Baccus.



    1. Thanks, we have a looooong way to go LOL

      nearly finished The Waterloo Campaign, The German Victory by Peter Hofschroer but I still need to buy his first book


  3. Hi Ian,

    Just to get you into the mood for The Hof, part I


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