Thursday, 18 July 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks (and More) in the Mail

In the mail the long awaited:

Some nice French & Indian Wars minis as well:

Coureurs du Bois and Indians
Maroons, revolting slaves, slave hunting dogs

and a few French Revolutionary.

To fight the revolting slaves

And I couldn't resist Sam Mustafa's Maurice.

None of this will see immediate action, but I hope to get at least the F&IW ready for a battle this year.


  1. look forward to seeing your F&IW stuff progress
    Peace James

    1. Hi James, I'm eager, but the world sometimes gets in the way. French Compagnies Franche de MArine shouldn't be too hard to paint, but I am daunted by having to paint Indians. Luckily, there's only six of them


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