Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Shadow Host

Today I had the urge to finish a bunch of miniatures that I had in my cross hairs for some time. It´s a set of great looking warriors of the cursed kingdom under the southern mountains from the War of the Ring range by Games Workshop. They're plastics and wonderfully sculpted with great dynamism.

The Shadow Host

I knew they should be relatively easy to do. A couple of months I got them out and glued them together and on slotta bases. Then nothing happened for a long time.

Even when I bought a can of  black spray paint for the base coat, a Saturday ago, I actually didn´t expect much to happen. However, the next Tuesday I actually got those guys out and subjected them to a black storm.

And today I wanted to see how I could achieve the desired effect, so I started on a few minis to try out the dry brushing followed by a green wash and then a another dry brush for highlights. They had to look ghostly.

I was so pleased, I finished them all of in two further short sessions. And I'm pretty pleased with the result, although it still needs a layer (or two) of varnish and some basing. This was of course the easiest of the easiest of paint jobs, so nothing to be proud of. If only all painting could be that simple.

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