Monday, 9 September 2013

Followers: 37 Reasons to be a Happy Blogger

I feel I've been very fortunate this last couple of weeks since the holidays.  Not only did I attract lots of hits (by my standards) but even more rewarding, lots of comments. And a few more followers. And I appreciate followers the more because as the first few, you are not merely threading the beaten path with the flock, no, you are followers of your own volition.

So, welcome:

#37 Gary Amos, from Happy Valley. Briton with eclectic taste in historical wargaming

#36 Rob Hingley from Captain's Blog. Canadian miniature wargamer who makes British eclectics look picky

#35 Mike from Mike's Wargame Blog. Miniature wargamer with preference for Napoleonics and 15mm

#34 Clint, who doesn't admit to having a weblog. Good comments!

#33 Grigork from The Megalomaniac. Another eclectic Briton, even dabbles in SciFi and Fantasy

and thanks to the Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist blog for his generous words. If you don't like dead bishops (how can you not like them?) maybe you are still in time for his prize draw.

I haven't done this for my first 32 followers yet, but I will make up for that sometime soon.


  1. You deserve way more follower and I am sure they will come :-)


  2. This is an interesting blog and well worth a read. It deserves to be more popular and I'm sure it will be sooner than you think.

  3. Always a good read and interesting blog, keep up the good work
    Peace James

  4. This may be Clint's blog....

    1. Thanks Francis,

      I'll add it if he owns up to it ;-)

  5. Jur, your blog is simply excellent. You combine a lot of things here - I've really enjoyed the insight into rules mechanics, book reviews and games you've played. The posts you did on UN intervention were very good indeed - you had some really interesting views, some of which might be considered slightly controversial. I liked that, so don't hide those views away, whatever they are! I like, and envy, your language skills - that's really useful for people like me who really struggle just with French! And like all great blogs, Rear Guard Action just has a kind of "feel" - like a favourite cafe. Somewhere you just enjoy visiting. Well, that's why I like the blog !!

  6. Oh guys, stop the flattering! But thanks a lot, of course. I will hope to keep up the quality level.


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