Monday, 16 September 2013

Followers: 38 Reasons to be a Happy Blogger #2

Nice! Another new follower:

#38 Phyllion, a gaming magpie, with a steady brush and an interest in ancient Greek warfare..

When I did a post on my latest followers last week, I realised I hadn't done that for my longest and truest believers. So let me introduce you to:

#32 James Brewerton, not content with just one blog, but needs three. Also involved in bloggers for charity and BlogCon.


#31 Edwin King from the Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist blog. If you don't like dead bishops (how can you not like them?) there's shiny medals and interesting reviews.

#30 Jan-Willem van der Pijl, aka Pijlie. A shining beacon for participation games in the Netherlands and all round good lad.

#29 Hankesslinger. Also not a blogger, so can´t say much more.

#28 Michael Awdry, who doesn't restrict himself to 28mm Victorian Warfare to provide eye candy

#27 Schrumpfkopf, for your interest in German liberation wars and Westfalia miniatures. He´d be mad with my crappy painted Minifigs 15mm Saxons

#25 and #26 Pugglemonster aka SP aka Pete S aka SPPprojectblog. Obviously someone with multiple personality disorder, and probably the butterfly interest to go with it. No less welcome!

If you feel my short introduction is selling you short to the rest of the world, please chip in and I'll update your bio.


  1. Thanks for the welcome Jur.

    I've a blog at (of which you're follower #38!).

    1. Aha! I saw you had some kind words for the blog, but didn't connect the dots. I'll add it into the post. And thanks!

  2. great little intro, cheers always enjoy checking you posts

  3. Hello, and thanks for the welcome :)




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