Saturday, 9 November 2013

Followers: 45 Reasons To Be A Happy Blogger #5

In the meantime we have had 6 new followers! Apparently my report on Crisis lured in a few new people.

#40 Donogh MacCarty, a fellow blogger on Land War in Asia, with an ongoing fantasy rpg and a postapocalyptic campaign.

#41 Remco de Groot, who blogs on miniatures in the broadest sense as well as Napoleonics in particular and also is involved in the organisation of the Dutch FIGZ convention.

#42 Robbie3rodiss. Sorry Robbie, I have very little to go on, so please tell me more about who you are and what you.

#43 Andrew "Loki" Saunders, excellent painter and one of the guys behind Bloggers for Charity (a worthy cause and booked for Crisis 2014)

#44 Tomsche, returning from his wargaming sabbatical and blogging at Societa de archeologia e cimeli

#45 Peter Bonami, an avid follower of blogs on all kinds of wargaming, but most of all painted figures!

This also a good moment to thank my followers on Facebook/Networkedblogs (an easy way to follow me):

Nick Luft. If brains were sexy, his one would melt the Arctic. He doesn't mind sharing his thoughts on a wide range of topics and pictures and is a great host and conversationalist

Diederick van de Walle. Latin Lover. And Great Friend. Named Most Promising Politician of 2014 for three consecutive years.

Richard Hands. Roleplayer, megagamer, medieval history buff and popular culture treasure trove. When he talks, I listen

Jan Kees Mol. Repressed wargamer, history buff and prove that all cynicist are secretly romantics. I sometimes wake up at night thinking he is shouting at me from the goal

Barbara Mounier. Old schoolmate, witty and smart. Handy guide to Germany, books and plain talking.

Tony Mcnally,  firmly in the now when it comes to military matters, with an particular interest in the homefront

Paul Hedges of Paul´s Bods. He likes to get medieval, and he likes it in 1/72 plastic

Ray Roussell, of Don't Throw A One, and Francis Lee, aka The Angry Lurker, two of Posties Rejects and the guys behind Ray & Fran's 20 hilarious questions

ps I try to do my best to provide correct background info on my followers, but I sometimes make mistakes. If I have made a mistake in your bio, please let me know (eg in the comments) and I´ll fix it.


  1. But most of all of painted figures Jur! Thanks for the link to my blog!



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