Friday, 29 November 2013

Followers: 50 reasons to be a happy blogger #6

Lets start off with one of my most loyal followers:

From the days I could still do some graphic stuff

Michiel Schwartzenberg. The world's #1 expert on the Recovery of Allied Prisoners of War and Internees (RAPWI) and would have been follower #1 if he could be arsed to find out how to set up a google account. Travelling companion to Ieper, Colchester, London, Munster, Muiden, Brussels, Grevelingen, St Winnoxbergen etc etc.  Chum extraordinaire

#46 Sofie Vandersmissen of Sofie's Paint blog. Very skilled painter and modeler! Depressingly so for talentless me. Mostly fantasy.

#47 Mario Morrhaye of Miniaturen Maken Met Mario. Not surprisingly, as skilled at painting and modeling as Sofie. Mainly fantasy mini's, but Mario has taken on historical miniatures recently.

#48 Paul Hedges of Paul´s Bods. Because following me on networkedblogs is not enough!

#49 JKM . Because following me on networkedblogs is not enough! So see here

#50 and latest addition: Monty Luhmann aka Twin Cities Gamer. An uncharacteristically disciplined painter, with no lead mountain to speak of!

ps I try to do my best to provide correct background info on my followers, but I sometimes make mistakes. If I have made a mistake in your bio, please let me know (eg in the comments) and I´ll fix it.


  1. Thanks for mentioning our blogs!
    Greetings, Sofie and Mario

    1. You're welcome! Your blogs are a bit intimidating, I must confess as a lazy and mediocre painter.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, and disciplined sounds pretty edgy for me! I'll take it. :-)

    1. Well, you're the only wargamer I know without a lead mountain. Everybody else has Ooohshinyitis. So you must have unknown amounts of self control


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