Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Surprises and Weaknesses

Okay, a nice surprise and bit of weakness here. Last week I received a package that I didn't expect but proved to be the last instalment of the Kensei Indiegogo from last year.

Some excellent sculpts in there but no idea how I will ever get it painted.

But it all fits very well with the Okko skirmish game and miniatures I bought a few years back (the game has 2D cardboard cutouts rather than miniatures), and could easily tie in with samurai. I expect there to be a flood of second hand samurai miniatures in a few years when the Ronin hype has passed.

The weakness is that I fell for the Conan kickstarter. I played the game at Essen and it has real promise, while the minis are beautiful and plenty. So it was good I did away with the ban on buying new games. That was quite the easiest NYR of last year.


  1. So you fell for the Conan KS as well uh? I blame you. You wrote here that it was a good game :)

  2. Well, I wish my blog could take credit for all those thousands of backers. But even if the rules suck, the minis are probably worth the money

  3. Well, you can at least take credit for two backers: you and me!

  4. If only this worked like a pyramid scheme and I could claim a percentage of all the people you got to back it...


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