Monday, 2 March 2015

NYR 2014, the Reckoning

So I've been meaning to look back on 2014, which was a crap year in many ways but also one that may make 2015 one of the best. How did I do with my gaming New Year's Resolutions for 2014?

The Book: I wanted to get 85% of it done, so most of the writing by December. That didn't happen, but 70% was good enough, and next time I can do it more efficiently.

Books read: that proved a serious challenge but I feel I came very close taken all the articles I also read during this period. I had hoped to use Goodreads to keep track of all my reading but it is no good when it comes to old and non-English books. I just didn't feel like adding those manually.

Books bought: I banned myself from buying new books on subjects other than Waterloo and was pretty consistent. What I did buy were some books by people I know personally and a bunch of new Ospreys (which were allowed, I think).

I organised one megagame which was the side project. It pained me a lot not to put on a megagame later in the year when invited to, but it was a wise decision.

New games played: I came a long way, even including the one game I bought last year. But past October my focus and priority shifted to other things.

Old games removed: ditto. Just didn't get round to it.

Essen games played: I managed to play all the Essen 2013 games before Spiel 2014! I have also played quite a few of the games I bough last year.

Shifting focus also impacted on books I wanted to remove. I picked quite a few from my shelves but I didn't get rid of them, so they are still in stacks on my floor.

Lead pile reduction: I gifted my German 1940 paratroopers, which have found the best possible home as they've been painted and used in the brilliant Ypenburg demo game.

Finally, I rationed myself to one blog post per week but went way over that, which is fine.

Next post I will look at my aspirations for 2015 (yes I know it's long started).


  1. Hey bro, don't be too hard on yourself. You got a lot done, 70% of a book is more than most people do in a life time.

    1. I didn't feel as if I was very hard on myself. In a way, I did 200% of a book and then had to throw two thirds away ;-)

    2. It is. First draft is due on Monday, but I'm pretty sure the editor will have some suggestions.

  2. I can empathise with that, but it sounds like a good year to me.

    1. It looks much better from where I am now.

  3. Particularly enjoyed this blog. You've done well.
    ..."one blog post per week but went way over that, which is fine." Conversations are essential to progress.
    Wishing you success with that editor.

    1. Thanks! I'm very happy with all these comments too. I'll try to be as inviting to comment in my future writing


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