Monday, 9 March 2015

NYR for first half of 2015

Seeing the general success of the NYR for 2014, I thought I'd set myself some NYR for 2015. But it posed conflicting challenges, which I finally resolved by making separate sets of NYR for both halves or the year.

So first half of this year is fairly simple: The Book needs to be finished. In June. So that's fine. I need to read some books towards that goal (and no distractions!) and I have allowed myself two blog posts per month. That feels more like a challenge now than I thought it would be a month ago.

But the second half of year should be some kind of happy time where I intend to completely scatter my attention over a multitude of smaller projects. I've set myself the following goals:

  • 2 small paint projects
  • 6 games I own that need to be played
  • 25 games I own need to be found a new home
  • Lead pile must be reduced by 25%
  • 25 books read, 
  • there will no longer be a ban on buying new books
  • 12 blog posts
  • 1 big project to be started
  • Project Essen 2014 (4 games still need to be played)
  • Project Satan (I want the games I received from Secret Satan in 2013 and 2014 played)

Part of the fun in the coming months will be in deciding what the projects will be. I am already drawing up lists!

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