Monday, 9 January 2017

A curious thing happened to me on Friday

Something happened to me on Friday that I though would never happen. I played a game I never understood and that I dislike.The few times I've played it, I always lost badly, the butt of the jokes. I disliked it so much, that when it was gifted to me, I suspected that my gifter knew of my dislike.

Needless to say, I gave it away again after some time. Unplayed.

But this Friday it turned back on me. As a late night filler, it was dropped on the table and I didn't feel in a position to refuse. So there I went.

And I won!

I made the right moves quite a lot of the time. It even made a ridiculously good round cashing in on Karl Gitter paintings. Then guided the advantage home safely with a nice splash of Christin K. paintings. Both not the painters you often see in art galleries these days.

Not sure if I could repeat this feat. Not sure I like the game more now.

But definitely not the worst start of the year.

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