Saturday, 7 January 2017

Secret Satan has arrived!

Okay, I know, it's a bit late. But great nonetheless!

The idea started a few years back on Fortress Ameritrash, reversing the Secret Santa concept: send people some shitty stuff they'd really hate (and well, okay then, some good stuff as well). 2012 was a blast and 2013 included some intreagueing stuff as well.

I missed out on last year's edition and was mighty pissed off with that, so I sprung upon this year's. It seems that intercontinental delivery is a pain around christmas these days, because my package hasn't cleared customs in the US yet. Apparently serious backlogs there due to terrorism scares and new rules.

The packages may not contain soiled underpants (#truestory) but definitely some terrible games.

I'm gonna open these tomorrow. Will have a spring in my step all day today.


  1. Did you mean Santa? or is there a devil inside the box? ;)

    1. No, definitely Satan. Santa and soiled underpants?


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