Saturday, 6 January 2018

So I Had Been Warned

So I had been warned: NO KNIVES! Obviously something precious and frail was inside...

But my years long experience with all things Satan has taught me caution, and my first reach into the box proved me correct

After removing a first layer of shiny filth there appeared a box. For some reason I grew even more cautious

And again I was rewarded with averting catastrophy!

The box had been boobytrapped! 

True to the manual, I wouldn't use a knife to remove the tripwire. That made my further venture more exciting and a bit more time consuming.

Satan had obviously been enjoying the packaging!

After I cleared several layers of glitter from the box, I found some familiar looking game cards.

Ah... Petropolis! A hint perhaps?

Still without a knife I assaulted the layers of tape with the only sharp weapon at my disposal

A gruesome struggle that left left me with the debris of war

As much as the spoils!

And a self portrait of Satan! This will end up above my bed and provide grizzly joy for years to come

So thank you Satan. So much joy and punishment for such an unfit minion! Please, hit me one more time!

Now, where did I leave the vacuum cleaner?

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