Monday, 17 September 2012

Harvesting Skoob for Waterloo books

You may have already noticed that on Friday I visited the Cecil Beaton exhibition at IWM and it was real good. Afterwards, as intended, we paid a visit to Skoob Books. It was the blast I'd hoped. I took away six books which gave a pretty solid basis for further research on the battle of Waterloo.

There Hofschroer's 1815 - The German Victory, Barbero's Battle, Weller's Wellington at Waterloo, Nofi's Waterloo Campaign and Balen's A Model Victory. The people watching the picture will also notice Jeremy Black's recent book. I picked that up later at Judd books.

Two further additions were Corelli Barnett's The Desert Generals (which I finished for the largest part in bed before going to sleep. Yup, it's that smooth a read) and Pyrrhic Victory. French Strategy and Operations in the Great War by Robert Doughty. The good thing is that it was all second hand and thus relatively cheap, despite the fact that Skoob gave me a free linen bag for spending so much.

I think we can conclude that Skoob has been firmly added to the bookshop route and seems destined to add many an hour of reading pleasure (as well as shelf space).

We didn't see any other book shops on the inside this weekend, except WH Smith at Gatwick airport. Sadly, the separate bookshop has been amalgamated into the stationary shops and lost much of its space for history and military books. That was good for my wallet and my backpack, but it is also a sign of hard times for bookshops.


  1. Some great looking books, these should keep you busy for a while!

  2. I beg to differ My Ju Ju.

    If I am not mistaken, we also managed to visit Judd Books where you managed to divert my attention and bag that copy of the Pyrrhic Victory book before I could.


  3. I did mention Judd and even put in a pic of pyrrhic victory. But you are correct I forgot to mention i nicked from right before your hands. I should have. :p


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