Saturday, 15 September 2012

St Pauls in the Blitz

I bought a card of St Pauls during the Blitz, pictured by Cecil Beaton. There's a nice exhibition of his photographical work in the Imperial War Museum.

Beaton was a socialite theater designer who became more famous for his photography.

He did lots of fashion and portraits in the 1930s, but got ostracised after an antisemitic outburst.

When war broke out, he got a second chance taking photographs of the war effort, getting himself employed for propaganda work.

He did this so well he did a series of books for the RAF and later went on tours of the Middle East, India and China.

Go and see, because his eye for composition is very good and the black & white contrasts are phenomenal.

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  1. Great photo, how St Paul's never got hit during the war amazes me.


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