Saturday, 29 September 2012

In gratitude to the Fates

Did some relaxing boardgaming yesterday. Two mediocre results for St Petersburg, a whooping win at Bohnanza (it helps to be generous) and a rare gift by the Fates in a game of Pickomino or Regenwormen, as we know it here.

I started out with the stunning opening of 37 points (notice these 8 dice have two sides effectively counting as 5). That gave me the highest tile in the game and after that I played a rather ruthless and defensive game. I was not going to self destruct as always. Not with this beauty!

Oh well, the Fates are fickle and for future gaming I won't count on Sister Luck handing me goodies again. I just put this one up for posterity. Much appreciated, Ladies!

And Mir, Mich and Died thanks for a.great night

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