Sunday, 18 November 2012

Am I A Proper Wargamer? Phil Broeders' List

After analysing the results of others, in the interest of transparency, I should myself come clean as to the answers I gave to the questions posed by Phil. I will also answer the expanded list that Lee Hadley put up and the alternative questions put up by Trebian in separate posts as it would get very long. That, together with my answers of Ray and Fran's 20 questions should paint a pretty complete picture of me as a wargamer.
So let's start off with the original questions:
  • Spent at least £500 on figures / tanks - and you get extra kudos for every £500 you've spent
Not in a normal year on miniatures, but if you combine minis with boardgames and books, easily
  • Pricked your finger or thumb on a pike block - several times
No, I don't play ancients or medieval
  • Tried at least 10 different rule sets and vowed never to play half of them ever again
Yes. I'm not the vowing kind, but in practice I've disowned many rulesets. Sometimes even just after reading

Just a selection...

  • Bought an army off EBay
Yes, just recently. A reasonable army of early Franks (which can pose as Saxons for Dux Britanniarum))
  • Sold an army on EBay
No, and unlikely to happen unless I have to make a room big time. I did sell a few units of 1870 French the old fashioned way when I thought it would give me enough money to buy an army (I was 17 at the time), but I never got round to that. No regrets, though.
  • spent months painting an army - then used it in anger once
My zombies haven't seen much action
  • tried several different periods and genres
Oh yes.

The Freikorps miniatures are known to be brittle, but I'm afraid few other manufacturers would have survived this 

  • dropped a box of figures on the floor from a great height
Luckily it was a small box, but it finished my attempts at a Sardinian army for the Crimea
  • lost a battle on the last throw of the dice
Don't remember it ever being so close.
  • made at least one enemy for life
No, I'm not that vindictive
  • had a proper, stand up argument over a wargamers table
I guess... but in most cases I ate my frustration. Even got an award for that once
  • thrown a dice across a room
  • rebased an army for a different rule set
Incredibly, but yes. My Napoleonic Saxons. Long time ago. Wouldn´t happen these days
  • inflicted a whopping defeat on an opponent
I remember a good one. Stopping a German counterattack on Bourgebus Ridge dead in its tracks with an almost perfect defensive fireplan.
  • suffered an embarrassing defeat due to a stupid tactical decision
Sure, more than one. Don't remember those though.

  • joined a wargamers club
First Boutique La Grande Armee when I was 12 and co-founded Murphy's Heroes when I was 17
  • bought a ton of lead that remains unpainted
  • been to a wargamers show
Several, helped organise our club's own show, Murphy Mania, once
  • have more dice than is logical or necessary to own - and have used most of them

Okay, just one more time then. Rene's excellently painted Saxons

  • have taken boxes of troops down to a club just to show them off to your mates
Oh yes, and put pictures on my blog as well!


  1. Love the idea of there being an award for eating your frustration!

    1. That wasn t the idea behind the award, butbthey gave it to me because they felt I bore my cross so galantly.

  2. Interesting responses. Seems you miss out on some of the points like me because the questions seem a bit 'too' focused on a specific brand of historical wargaming.

    1. I ve tried to be broadminded about the questions, but as said, it s not a professionally designed survey. Some confusion in interpretation is inevitable

  3. The questions were based on my own experiences and so are biased that way. I've tried lots of different periods and rules and the questions reflect this. But you can always adapt the list yourself!

    1. Hi Phil

      Of course your questions were not meant as a scientific tool so I wont hold you to that standard. It was a fun list of questions to answer. And you must have hit a sweet spot somewhere, because not only have many people answered it, it has also sparked alternatives and follow ups. So thanks a lot!

    2. I absolutely concur with J over his points there Phil. You might not have meant your article to spark as much deep thought and introspection from me as it has... BUT... your questions did get me to thinking about how we all approach the hobby and the perspectives, and indeed prejudices we all bring to the hobby. Made me realise that maybe I'm not as open minded as I think I am... :P

  4. I interesting answers and I like the bit about forgetting the embarrassing defeats.:-)


    1. Memory is a wonderful thing. And it is not so bad to repress these bad experiences. Except that they now haunt me in my dreams...


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