Friday, 31 May 2013

Late Arrival: Signum Mortis

Finally received the missing parts of Signum Mortis: Gangs of Rome, designed by Hajo Peters (who also did the Saladin monster game). The game deals with the proscription of Roman dictator Sulla against the supporters of his enemy Marius in 82 BC.

The players are all leaders of one of the gangs of Rome, 'helping' Sulla in rounding up his opponents and claiming the rewards. But when peace comes, you'd better be on good terms with Sulla, so he won't sacrifice you to save his reputation.

This is the kind of awesome theme I'm looking for. Rough, mean, cutthroat and exciting history. No sucking up to the king!

In fact I left Essen last October with only a box, a board and a bag of dice. All the rest arrived this week: introduction to the rules, basic rules, advanced rules, a bag full of counters and chits, a dvd, player aids and some more cardboard. Which at the end neatly fitted into the box. Amazing.

I was supposed to receive all this in February, but it got delayed a bit and I think designer Hajo Peters is rather tired of self producing by now. Like Saladin this is a work of love but it must bleed time. It all looks pretty good. 

Should try it out when I get back, but first: Age of Renaissance. A sentimental journey

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