Thursday, 16 May 2013

New Boardgames Loot and Old Boardgames Loot

So last Saturday I bought a few games at the convention, a good way to support it (traders need to make trades to return). A good thing was that the prics were relatively low compared to the FLGS.

The new games are Risk: Legacy , Mice & Mystics, City of Remnants and Beyond Waterloo. The first is a birthday present for a great lover of Risk. I think he will enjoy having a special personalised copy of his own. M&M and CoR are both by Plaid Hat Games and have gotten very favourable reviews. It's a small company I like to see successful. The last one explores all the counterfactuals of the 1815 campaign on the battlefield, economically and diplomatically. I just needed to buy it and try it.

Me buying a couple of new games felt like a good point to evaluate where I'm standing on the Essen 2012 front. I guess a sudden twang of guilt. But it's also the half way point.

So let's see what I bought at Essen and what I've played so far:
Slavika: played at Murphy's Heroes (aka The Club)
Camp Roskilde: not played since Essen
Kolejka: played a few weeks ago. Fun. Should write a first impression
Gauntlet of Fools: played a few times with the kids but not with grown ups so I haven't tested the real fun part of the rules. Should write a first impression 
King of Tokyo: Played a few times
Signum Mortis: not complete yet but should be soon. One for the summer then.
Expansion for Lupin the 3rd: not played yet. Should kick myself

So I should prepare a session of games like Slavika, Gauntlet, King of Tokyo and Camp Roskilde. They're fast, easy and fun. I have plans to play Kolejka again with the family. And Lupin really needs to get played!

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