Sunday, 26 May 2013


It seems I've come under the radar of Dr. Raùl Alberto de la Cruz, aka Tango01 at The Miniatures Page. He has linked through to my posts on the Guardian military-historical databases, The Reconquista in Al-Andalus and the review of Prussian Napoleonic Tactics. There was some interesting comment on the latter.

I hadn't put up a picture of the new Saxon cavalry
from Musketeer miniatures that René painted for me

 My hit count has spiked as a result. Thanks mr De la Cruz! These hits are much better than the spam referals. Good thing I picked up blogging again after a small hiatus. In three weeks I'll be at it for a year.

And here's the new Saxon skirmishers also courtesy of René

I've also picked up three new regular followers, so welcome Michael Awdry, Hankesslinger and Schrumpfkopf! I know my blog doesn´t have the eye candy or a dedicated subject, but  I hope some of the visitors come back and become regulars as well.

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