Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Evidence of Derrick's guilt turns up

I read the news today, oh boy...

Horst Tappert, the German actor famous for his role as inspector Derrick in the series with the same title never talked about his war record. Recently, it was revealed he'd been in the SS and now physical evidence has turned up.

Like in a good Krimi, good research gets the bad guy in the end.


  1. Hmm Bild and evidence...sounds like good music without Mick Jagger..aint gonna happen

  2. Well, if the Volkskrant runs the story it must be true ;-)

  3. "sounds like good music without Peter Hammill". There, fixed it for you :-P

  4. I am a bit older, it's true, but this sounds awfully familiar. Wasn't this "revealed" already somewhere in the 90ies?

  5. Just a wee bit Pijlie. it could be. I don't remember, but I could have forgot.


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