Monday, 6 January 2014

Reading priorities for January

There's a bunch of books I hope to be reading this month in five groups:

  • The biographies of Willem I and Willem II regarding their activities up to 1815
  • 1814 Campaign. For lessons to Napoleon and general strategical dilemma of defense of France, as well as performance of French and allied armies. Already did Uffindel, next Leggiere's Fall of Napoleon, Petre's Napoleon at Bay and Bamford's Bold and Ambitious Enterprise
  • Dutch Army 1780-1815. Showing experience, organisation, mobilisation post 1813 etc. Whole bunch of books & articles
  • Dutch economy 1780-1815: De Vries & Van der Woude, as well as Van Zanden & Van Riel
  • Economics and mobilisation of other main powers. Bunch of books, but hardly complete.


  1. You seem to reading about the whole history of the Dutch involvement. I thought you were going to do just the military side?

    1. No, I dabble a bit into the general literature on the Dutch Napoleonic period, but most of it is military related. The economics determine what the possibilities were to mobilise troops and to equip and feed them. The political side of the regime change is instructive for the adoption of Dutch officers who had been in French service

    2. Also, both WIllems were militarily active in that period: Willem I in 1793/4, 1806 and 1809, Willem II 1811-1815


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