Friday, 11 April 2014

The Mechanics of Violence

Interesting outcome. New research links aggression after video games to the mechanisms rather than violent content. So it´s the designers fault?

Could this also be true for analogue games? Are wargamers happier after a bout of crisp Black Powder and aggravated after a spell of Barkerese?

Do people feel less aggressive after playing an 'elegant' Knizia design and driven to rage by the disorganised, misspelled and obtuse collection of half sentences that the publisher of Luna Llena calls the rulebook?

I wouldn't be surprised.


  1. Interesting concept! This may explain why I am more angry at work when I am surrounded by people who don't follow my management directives and do so willing, than when I am surrounded by people who also don't follow my directives but are trying to follow them, just that they lack the proper training. I feeling that I am incompetent in the first case, but that they are incompetent the second.)

    Sapper Joe

    1. LOL. Normally I am wary to apply lessons from gaming to my professional life, but you've got a good point there.


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