Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bats, Rats and More Rats

Spray painting and simple designs have actually got me going! After some tests in the last month, this week I set in motion an old project.

I had bought quite a few sets of Warhammer swarms in a sale. So I've got 25 each of bats, rats, spiders and goblins. Oh yes, and six bases with metal rat swarms. So on a sunny morning I applied the can.

Spray painting was easy, but I decided to try two different sets of rats: some with a light (bone white) base coat, and the rest brown.

I then started off on five bats, to see what effect might be achieved with drybrushing. I actually did some reseach on bats and that's why they look so cuddly.

These are the metal rat swarms. I just love those pink tails! More on the big rats later.

The biggest pleasure is of course that I got it all done in a few hours. All this goes really well with a Skaven army, but is also really handy in stand alone dungeoneering. There's still a bunch of spiders lurking in the box but that will be a bit harder to spray paint due to their model.


  1. Very nice work the bats look excellent

  2. Thanks for the compliment Andrew. Especially since it's coming from a pro ;-)


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