Friday, 2 May 2014

NYR April Update

I have been busy modelling and painting: finished of the Panther, assembled M3s and M5A1 Stuarts. Also started on my bats and rats.

Collected my WWII Yanks in 20mm last weekend. They are awesome. Thanks again René for a painting job well done! Pics after the weekend.

Blogwise I came up with a fair number of posts and with quite a lot of variety. Happy with that too.

I also played more games than I expected to. Three new games: Mice & Mystics, Mission Red Planet and 8 Minute Empire (4 times). Also another game of Civilization and two of King of Tokyo. A good score, which made up for my lapse in NYR by buying 8 Minute Empire. I'm now at 6 new games for this year, halfway the target. But I need to get rid of another 24 games before the end of the year.

As a result, in terms of books, this was a slow month. I only read 6, of which three Ospreys. Two old skool Men At Arms on the Dutch army of the Napoleonic Wars and the King's German Legion, and a better though still not perfect one on the Bayonne and Toulouse campaign.

The main course were the two volumes of Hofschröer's Waterloo campaign. I finished off the month with John Sweetman's biography on Fitzroy Somerset, or Lord Raglan.

Slipped up from my reading target, but there should be enough catching up later in the year. I ordered a bunch of Waterloo books by the end off the month which I think will be very interesting.

No new projects started. But I have been thinking of a 'Napoleonic' rpg, mostly set in the period 1813-1821, that is the decline and fall of Napoleon's empire and the conspiracies afterwards. Ample space for Cossack mission for French booty, assassinations of important people, duplicitous dealings, duels and the sense of soldier's honour. Throw in some Italian carbonari and Austrian secret services at the congress of  Vienna and you have an unlimited source of backgrounds and storylines to pursue. I don't think the actual mechanics matter that much, but the setting does.  Might be named 'In the Shadow of the Eagle' or something ominous like that.

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