Wednesday, 7 May 2014

NYR April Update Update

Just because I like graphs, I've visualised my New Years Resolutions, which forced me to make some of them SMART (uche). I've tried to set them all to 100% for ease of comparison.

So I want my part of The Book 85% done by the end of this year (meaning a concept, but lots of editing to follow in 2015)

New Games Played and Old Games Removed is fairly easy, but any games bought this year (8 Minute Empire) increase the target I'm actually putting off the removal of games and lead pile to the latter third of the year.

Books read is based on my Goodreads Challenge of 150. Buying books is  tentatively set at 100 books for ease of counting. Actually not a target, but I have assumed that I would buy some books that aren't Napoleonic or non-Napoleonic second hand below 10 pounds.  So there have been some trangressions, but not many.

Blog is fairly straightforward: once a week is 53 in 2014. I am doing (too) well.

Each non-Waterloo project picked up is -10%. An arbitrary figure but useful.

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