Saturday, 24 May 2014

Exciting Megagame News!

All kinds of good news on megagames these days. Of course I had a good demo of the Monsters game Friday a week ago (will provide more info later).

A Global News Network Bulletin

But it gets better. The guys from Shut Up & Sit Down participated in the Watch the Skies megagame in London and were hooked. See the excellent video they made.

Really good impression of what it's like to be in a megagame. Also, the Global News Network bulletins are up on the Megagame Makers facebook page. Fun to read!

There will be a megagame in the Netherlands on August 30. In the spirit of tradition it will be Operation Market Garden, just like we did in 1994 and 2004. The game will run in Nijmegen. Run to the MegagamesNL webpage for more info and registration.

The game will also feature a planning game for the allied HQs to determine the plans of attack and more detailed instructions for Corps Boundaries, Supply Routes, Drop Zones, Landing Zones etc etc. Should be lots of fun!

The next megagame in the UK will be Iron Dice on September 20th, the opening moves of WWI. Highly recommended as well!

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