Monday, 25 February 2013

I Joined the Colonial Marines, boarding Sulaco tomorrow for LV426

Remember how I got the awesome Colonial Marines badge from my Secret Satan last January? Well, I finally found time to patch it to some sleeve, doing the necessary needlework yesterday at the club.

Wear it with pride, Marine!

And here's a better look at the badge.

If you don't remember this picture, check the link at the top of the page!
Secret Satan is a great story


  1. Jur, you do realise if you wear that t-shirt in the street in the UK I will have to disown you. The orange shirt is bad enough, but a pretend LARP shirt is another thing.

    1. LOL. I'll make sure pictures will be taken so that you will be implicated

    2. btw I have no intention of LARPing hanging from a ceiling in tropical temperatures and watching a chestbuster coming out of me.


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