Monday, 18 February 2013

Megagames in the UK in 2013

For your interest, my friends and supporters of Megagame Makers will be putting on half a dozen games in the UK this year, both in London and Leeds. If you get the change to participate, I highly recommend it.

Saturday 2 March 2013
ENDGAME, the campaign in Tunisia 1943

The slots are filling up for this one. If you're interested in seeing what roles are still available, see the provisional cast list

Saturday 13 April 2013
INVASION FROM MARS, a military / political game about interstellar conquest of a single world
Leeds Armouries

Saturday 1 June 2013
Rehearsal For Armageddon - The Balkan Wars 1912-13

Saturday 21 September 2013
Master of Europe 1813 - Napoleon's campaign in Germany (Yes, that's the same one as will be put on in the Netherlands)

October 2013
The End of the Beginning : El Alamein 1942
Leeds Armouries

9 November 2013
'Alea Iacta Est Iterum', megagame of crisis in the Roman Empire - 60 BC.

To get an idea of what it is like to play in a megagame, read this great report of last year´s Urban Nightmare game, which pitted an urban administration against a zombie outbreak. Or check out some of my reports here.

You can also join Megagame Makers facebook page, and see how the development of these games is progressing or read player´s experiences

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