Friday, 15 February 2013

Last stuff coming in for a while - a junkie's lament

I didn't use to buy much stuff online. I've always liked holding games, books and minis in my hand before buying them. I also like to reward FLGS and producers for their creativity and service rather than webshops. Also, my book and game shelves are full enough as it is.  There's stuff from years ago that I haven't looked at. This aspirational side of purchase I've noted before. I don't NEED to buy more stuff. I need TIME to play and read.

Westfalia Kielmansegge Jaeger and Prussian medics

And in some ways, buying online is a pain because package delivery is still a 20th century craft. Postal services always come by when I'm at work. So it always creates a fuss with neighbours instead of delivering at a nearby post office.

What I did do over the last few years, was pre-order board games. I liked supporting games on subjects not so well covered, or designs that seemed novel to me. So I have received maybe a dozen games from MMP and GMT.

However, I shrank from directly ordering stuff online. For the above reasons, but also because I could see the junkie reflected in my monitor. This all went splendid for years, but I've let my guard down. Buying online has become too easy. As easy as buying in shops.

So when I succumbed to Dux Britanniarum and the Gripping Beast miniatures, that set in motion other buys (additional Saxons from Musketeer, a bunch of Welsh, a late Germanic army). My rising interest in Waterloo saw more books coming in and then there were other shiny toys beckoning. The last bits that have come in are the wonderful miniatures from Westfalia and GMT's Great Northern War block game Pax Baltica on pre-order.

Then I was coveting more Napoleonics (Calpe Prussians, the Perry Retreat from Moscow set), steam punk and the entire collection of Plaid Hat games. Saliva was dripping from my mouth. I was going "yeah honey, I'll be along in a minute. Go to bed." Just press this button and it'll be on its way. Easy as pie, just do it. Press that button, pick it up in a few weeks time gaze at it in delight put it in the cupboard forget about it press the button for something else... hey wait!

So I'm putting a stop to it for now. Let's get some stuff painted and played first!

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