Monday, 18 March 2013

Book shoppping: comics and Ospreys

Some good book shopping on Saturday with Michiel!

The best time was actually spent in the comic shop. Hadn't been in a long time and I got myself the new Okko (part 8 in the series), a new collection of short reports by Joe Sacco, published in the Anglo-Saxon world as Journalism, a book of pretty easy football jokes which may spur on one of the kids into reading (so with as few words as possible), a collection of Lovecraft stories adapted to comics by a Dutch cartoonist and finally a long lost prize from my youth: The Twilight Companions by Francois Bourgeon.

The bonus prize was the free comic for the national comic week. Good timing!

Look out the coming weeks for reviews.

Also bought a few Osprey's at Atleest in my hometown, a specialised bookshop combining anthropology, archeology with Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Indian and Egyptian studies. And a nice section of military history, among which the various Osprey series.

I picked up the new The Portuguese in the Age of Discovery 1300-1580, The New Zealand Wars 1820-72, British and Prussian Napoleonic Tactics and the Fortresses of the Peninsular War 1808-14.

Left a lot for later as well (eg the one on castles of the Teutonic knights in the Baltic), and there was some stuff out of stock that I would have liked (the Raid series on the James-Younger gang  and the Napoleonic Cavalry tactics). And there's been a reprint of Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars, which is expected to arrive soon.

The good news is of course that I will have to go back some day.

Ps Musical accompanyment for this week: Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club. This Friday I'll be seeing them live!


  1. Haven't heard of the comics but the Ospreys should be interesting reading.

    1. I guess the two tactics books have the best chances of getting read in the near future


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