Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Doing Sean McLachlan a small favour - and you

I 'met' Sean McLachlan through his excelent Osprey book on the battle of Adowa. I then found out he's been doing lots of interesting stuff in distant places as a travel writer as well as writing some weird American Civil War and WWII horror fiction. He's also done other Osprey books on the James-Younger gang, Shelby's Raid and Civil War guerilla tactics that makes him tick several boxes of curiosity in my book.

Now it happens that his old blog, under his own name, has been hijacked by Chinese squatters. And because he's an interesting and independent author, this was a good occasion to draw your attention to him, as well as helping his new blog up in the google rankings so the squatters lose out.

And because Sean is such an interesting guy, I think you will forgive me for that.


  1. Tell us his new blog name and I'm happy to follow him.

    1. http://civilwarhorror.blogspot.com

    2. Thanks Phil, it was hidden in there somewhere deep, so good thing you asked.

  2. Look here, another interesting post by mr McLachlan: Ottoman artilley in Iraq



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