Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Essen 2012 interest list: Ameritrash and wargames

This post follows on my post from earlier today, where I looked at games with cool, fresh themes, euros and expansions. Today we will look at Ameritrash and a group of undefined games.

Me and my mates trying out Conan at Essen 2009

Old Skool AT, Dudes on a map

Moongha Invaders: Mad Scientists and Atomic Monsters Attack the Earth!
Martin Wallace's take on 1950s monster C-movies. This has been a long time coming, and is supposed to be great fun!

Might be an old fashioned dudes on a map game, it might have a twist. It's about the Mediterranean in the 7th-11th centuries. Let's give these Greeks a try, they should have a different perspective on this.

Pretty good as a theme. The board looks very chess like, but there's some intreaguing dashboards with dials to keep track of stuff. I'm going check this one out.

I played the demo last year at Essen and I hope it has been improved on it since then. Should be easier to attack now, because there were too many -no results- and it became a grind, rather than the highly exciting, over the top wargame it should be to match the movie. 

From the guys that made Cyclades. The game pieces are truly stunning, as is the artwork. Hope the game is as good.

Need to check out the base game first, but it has a good press, so very interested. Monsters battling across Tokyo is not a sparkling new theme, but rolling dice, now this is supposed to be fun, says Jazzbeaux.

I saw a test version of this last year and was pretty taken with the art work and theme, so surely I will have a look at this one! Not much idea of the rules yet, though.

Hey, it's finished! Cool! I playtested this. Can't wait to see how it's turned out in the end. Here's what I wrote 2 years ago after playtesting. WARNING: Those remarks may no longer apply.

This one escaped my attention last year. Will check out. Luckily they have a better price now (although at the loss of the metal miniatures, but I think I should be able to make up for that with others)

This could be awesome, this could be trouble. The possibilities are endless, but it is easy to do wrong, because a rampaging Balrog is presumably a game changer. Also it is an expansion to WOTR 2nd edition, which I don't have (nor covet).

This is a game on four battles involving the Teutonic order, like Lake Peipus and Grunwald/Tannenberg. In fact, it's more of a wargame, with card driven mechanics. It is only the prototype, but there's nothing like giving a prototype a try.

Mythic Battles
Supposedly a innovative new battle mechanism including influences from miniatures, board and card games. Terrific artwork. Worth a look.

Not Sure whether these are really AT but they have OK themes
Maybe special agents are the theme for 2012? Counterterror actions, played in scenarios with the promise of campaigns and leveling up characters. Euro cooperative game mechanics.   

Gauntlet of Fools
Certain death sounds good. I am intreagued how the boasting thing works out.

Maybe special agents are the theme for 2012? Counterterror actions, played in scenarios.  Euro cooperative game mechanics.

Space, cooperative... this could just be the umptieth cooperative space game, but at least you'll be doing some fighting. All will depend on the player interaction

Cool theme: managing your orc tribe. Competition, backstabbing sounds good, but it's also worker placement... let’s try

Rerelease, but artwork looks good. Bit meh on second look.

Ninja's, dinosaurs, pirates, and more all in one deck building game! Here's what Matt Drake and Michael Barnes think about it.

Winter Tales
I have a fascination for storytelling games, but they are incredibly difficult to pull off. Given the amount of stuff in the box there might be a lot of game in there as well.

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