Thursday, 25 October 2012

Spiel 2012 - Games played unintended and unfound

 Third and final post in my game by game account of Spiel 2012 

Games I did play without planning to

This is what Castles looks like after some time
Starting off at the wrong foot. Simple tile laying game with complicated tiles. Boring, even as euros go. Don't buy!

Monterey Jack holds his extra dice for an emergency
Elder Sign
Not entirely new, but worth playing anyway. Very tense game, going into an end fight with Nyarlathotep just as we were one elder sign short. We had enough sanity and rerolls left to deal with the ancient one and survive (well.... most of us)

My fledgling faction of merchant, knave and scholar, restricted to the poor peoples´ quarters and the canals

Dominare is one of a range of new games by AEG set in the city of Tempest, remarkably resembling Venice in its great age. It is a pretty sophisticated power game, much more so than we expected. More to it than meets the eye! We were actually disappointed to be asked to make room for another group of players after three rounds. Luckily Andries got his wallet out so we can have the full experience on our next game night.

The leader cards in World Conquerors can be used as generals, generals or as event cards for their effect
World Conquerors
Quick world conquering game in the vein of History of the World, but with even more focus on the leaders.

City of Horror artwork fits well with theme, but gameplay is about moving around, not killing zombies
City of Horror
As the bandwagon of zombie games is filling up like an Indian local train, this is one of less convincing ones. The characters may be fun, some cards as well, but no feel at all of a zombie infestation. Avoid!

Red player has a terrible last turn

This is an abstract wargame with flat out euro mechanics and direct conflict. Not bad, but too abstract for me

Here some swag cards that develop your deck
Eaten by Zombies
An interesting deckbuilder where you try to keep the chasing zombie pack behind you or fight them off. Or at least longer than the other players.

Three role cards of the green faction
Think Werewolves with two opposing sides, and all vampires instead of humans and werewolves. The deduction game is now focussed on killing the enemy player with the highest rank, which isn´t easy. Social and interactive game: pretty good fun. The game is still in preproduction stage, but might be around early next year.

The Infinite City is sprawling
Infinite City
They were selling this at AEG for €3 apiece. A simple tile laying game. Nothing special.

The monsters slowly converge on the main city

Legends of Andor

I had been skeptical of this attempt by a major German company to move into fantasy adventure questing territory. It is definitely aimed at taking players by the hand in the first scenario, and the characters are generic: magician, dwarf, elf, fighter. I haven't seen enough of the game to see what really drives the story forward, but it is certainly not an outright failure. Time will tell.

Not at the show or couldn't find

Didn't make it to Essen

Weren´t where I expected them

Dixit 3
Sold out, but this will come to local shops soon enough

Not at the Asmodee-Gameworks booth. Could probably have found somewhere else it if I´d looked harder.

The Pioneer Card Game: Chapter resourcesThere was a lot of stuff at the supposed stand, but nobody could tell me anything about the game.

Amundsen: Kappløpet til Sydpolen
Not as Roll to the South Pole either.

Risk Legacy
I want to give this to a friend of mine who is a bit of a fan and has played it a lot. No English version left, but German versions available.

If you haven´t already, go and see my post on the games I only looked at

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