Saturday, 27 October 2012

Essen 2012 Project kick off

The loot

So, now to finish the Essen stuff, because you guys must be fed up after 2 weeks.
The only thing left is to inaugurate the Essen 2012 project, that is to play this year's acquisitions before next edition of Spiel.

The objects are, as above: Slavika, Camp Roskilde, Kolejka, Gauntlet of Fools, King of Tokyo, Signum Mortis and the expansion for Lupin the 3rd.

I won't be counting the plays at Spiel, and the two games of Gauntlet with the kids this week. That's confidence for you.

The trickiest one will probably be Signum Mortis. Let's hope the other half of the game does in fact arrive in February.

And if I don't succeed, Erwin has established that I can only play Pokemon TCG at next Spiel and I will to promote it. That should be a nice incentive.

Well, that's Essen 2012 done. Tomorrow we'll resume normal service.


  1. Now I feel a bit guilty about the Pokemon thing. Just a bit. Muahahahahaha.

  2. well... it's for my own good, I'd say. Otherwise I might have brought in Kemet, Netrunner, Winter Tales. Now at least I will postpone these acquisitions. And they don't turn up on the project roster.


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