Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Spiel 2012 - Games played as intended or ignored

Second post in my game by game account of Spiel 2012

Games I played as intended

Five heroes and their weapons

Gauntlet of Fools
The boasting is really just a bidding mechanism, but I think it is a cool way to get the kids to gaming. Bought. 

Moogre not hitting much, bloobs all round, the army moves in

Moongha Invaders: Mad Scientists and Atomic Monsters Attack the Earth!
This is a game that seems to work, although it is not that cool that everybody has the same monster. Difficult to say whether it is better than Monsters Menace America. Maybe with the new artwork in the Kickstarter. 

The blue hero almost deciding the game there. Almost.

Metro 2033
Played and enjoyed. See my more extensive first impressions. Very good value for money!

The King doing what he does best

King of Tokyo: Power Up!
Played the basic game a few times and enjoyed it a lot. Bit of a hit with all four of us. Bought. Expansion a bit overpriced maybe.

Metalheads not attracting the cool chicks just yet

Camp Roskilde
The game is really simple, but works. The components are good quality but that probably doesn't fully justify the price tag (even including the dice game) if you don't like going to festivals yourself. Bought.

Games I didn't look at

Smash Up
Couldn´t be bothered in the end

Rome & Carthage
Couldn´t be bothered in the end

War of the Ring: Lords of Middle Earth
This is an expansion to WOTR 2nd edition, which I don't have (nor covet).

Didn´t get round to it

The Convoy
It´s two player. Unlikely to get played

Didn´t dare to get it after bing bummed out on 51st State  
Evolution: Time to Fly
Since I don´t own the basic game and the owner wasn´t interested

If you haven´t already, go and see my post on the games I only looked at

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