Friday, 19 October 2012

Spiel 2012 - day 1

Pffff, so what to say about the first day? It was relatively quiet, so I decided to finish my business in the busiest halls first, because Friday is bound to be more crowded.
Not overly enthused so far. Played a few games, like City of Horror, World Conquerors, Aztlan and Moongha Invaders. Had a few explained, like 1984: Animal Farm, Vlad Prince of Wallachia and Oh no! Invasion.
But my eyes only started to shine when I got hold of Kolejka (=queu). A lot of love went into that game and it shows.
The only bit of news I got is that people are working on a fantasy multiplayer version of A Few Acres of Snow. I look forward to that and trust there won't be a Halifax Hammer.
So back to the show and all the weird eastern European stuff.

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